Trainer Candice King

Candice King

World Class Grand Prix Show Jumper and FEI Award Winner

Candice King is a world class Grand Prix show jumper who has garnered multiple FEI titles and awards over the past 2 decades. She has represented the USA on multiple Nations Cup teams and was also the top ranked US rider at the 2001 World Cup Final in Gothenburg, Sweden. Since winning the coveted 2001 Queen Elizabeth II Cup at the CSIO5* Hickstead in England, Candice has continued to rack up top placing Grand Prix finishes nationally and internationally. She was short¬listed for the 2006 World Equestrian Games, was a member of the 2nd place U.S. team at the 2013 Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup at the CSIO5* Spruce Meadows and was a member of two winning FEI Nations Cup teams in 2015. Candice was also the winner of Venice Grand Prix, Princeton Grand Prix 2018.

In addition to her remarkable accomplishments in the tack, she’s a devoted mother and well-rounded human being. To read more about Candice’s remarkable accomplishments please read her USEF Bio.

Equestrian Beginnings

Candice King’s family is from the San Fernando Valley in California, where her parents Al and Marlo Schlom shared their love for quarter horses with Candice at a very young age. When Candice was just 6 months old, her parents would put her on the front of their western saddles and take her for trail rides……This is how her passion for horses began.

Her Father, trained and competed in the roping & cutting disciplines and Candice loved to go to the cutting arena with him. Practicing her turns on her father’s cutting horses clearly foreshadowed what would lead to her future in the show jumping world.

At the western shows, they didn’t offer cutting classes for children her age, so as a 6 year old, she took part in the in¬hand and horsemanship classes. “I was too bored because they wouldn’t allow me to do the cutting. Dad took me to a local show hunter barn with his best cutting and halter horse. We learned to jump and won in hunters and equitation classes on a little black Quarter Horse named Penny Lane. My parent’s were so supportive.”

Candice’s parents didn’t have a large ranch nor deep pockets, so they did everything they could to nurture her love for horses. Her father worked in the insurance business, which eventually morphed into a focus on the equine and farm industry. This was all in an effort to help support their daughter and her obvious talent in the show ring.

Candice credits many people who helped her in those early years on the west coast: Pee Wee Moreno, Mousie Williams, Shari Rose, Jolene Labour and Hap Hanson.

During her last 3 junior years she was a working student on the east coast and worked off lessons and showing at Beacon Hill for Frank Madden, Bill Cooney and Barney Ward. They also had her compete their sale horses which was a valuable experience having the opportunity to riding many different horses. Susie Hutchinson, Jimmy Williams were also very instrumental in her early riding career.
Currently Candice King is co-owner of Alamar Equine along with horseman Cliff Schadt, Professional Colt Starter, Problem Solver and Clinician. This unique mix of western and traditional principles coupled with modern showjumping makes for a program capable of taking a young horse from first ride to attaining success at the top of the showjumping sport. In addition to developing young jumpers and students Candice has a busy show and clinic schedule. In her spare time she know enjoys developing and showing Cowhorses.

Candice always strives towards a quote she grew up with from Jimmy Williams-“It’s what You learn after You think You know it all is what matters most when working with horses”!!!

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