Trainer Rande Pittman

Rande Pittman is the trainer for today and the future. Rande has three main concerns set firmly in her mind for her clients.
1) Well-Being of the client’s horse(s)
2) Client’s over all happiness with their horse(s) progress
3) The client’s success

My wife (Lisa) and I have been with Rande for the past five years. I personally don’t like to refer what Rande does as training, I prefer to call it teaching. Rande doesn’t train your horse(s) tricks, she TEACHES them to perform. Rande continues to amaze me with her open communication skills, calling, texting and sending videos. Rande is honest to a fault, a straight shooter. If your someone that can not handle truth, she’s not the person for you.”


Rande was raised on a small family owned horse and cattle farm in South Central Pennsylvania. At a young age, she learned the value of hard work, dedication and responsibility. She has been riding and competing for over twenty-five years. Her childhood was filled with team penning events, trail riding and competing in numerous Western and English events at open and 4-H shows. It was here that her love for horses grew.
After earning her Associates and Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Rande decided to pursue her dream of training professionally. For several years she was employed by some of the industry’s best trainers and breeders. In 2014 Pittman Performance Horses, LLC was established. Rande believes that her experiences, acquaintances and travels coupled with hard work, dreams and dedication have created a great foundation for success.
Her lifelong experience raising, training and showing the ever so versatile, American Quarter Horse has shaped her life and influenced a career based around passion.

Carlisle PA