Originally from the Greater Seattle area, Cami Hostetler fell in love with horses at a young age. 

She began riding with Grand Prix jumping trainer Kim Hanson Pratt and competed in hunters and jumpers. At the age of 9 she got her first horse, Winkles Worth. Cami was consistently in the top 5 of the A circuit in the Pacific Northwest until her late teen years. She was then introduced to dressage, rescued her 2nd horse Ez Bux and sold him after a couple years of training him to 1st level. 


Cami’s classical dressage foundation began with Ralph Dreitzler who is a very accomplished rider, trainer and well known clinician. His foundation came from the Spanish Riding School Vienna where his mother was 1 of only 4 women to train at the school. Cami started out as a working student and moved into an assistant trainer position at Raflyn Farms. Here is a little history of the farm originally started by Ralph’s mother. https://dressagetoday.com/lifestyle/dreitzler-lipizzans-27144


Throughout the years Cami gained experience as a professional groom, working student and has competed successfully from training level through 2nd level dressage. 

“It’s been such an honor and blessing to work with many phenomenal trainers and I look forward to continuing to grow as a trainer.” Cami says. 


In 2008 Cami was a working student with Mette Rosencrantz international Grand Prix dressage trainer who currently teaches at Steffen Peters farm, Arroyo Del Mar in California. Steffen is a 4x Olympian and has coached many trainers on the west coast including another International Grand Prix dressage trainer, Jennifer Schrader Williams who Cami also groomed for in 2016 as Jennifer began her show season with 6 sales horses in California from WA state.


Cami attended Ashmead College and the Northwest School of Animal Massage in 2003 & 2004 obtaining licensure for both human and equine sports massage therapy. She also does personal training and sports performance using treatments such as cupping and kinesio taping.   


In 2014 Cami worked with Albion Master Saddle Fitter Paula Helm as an assistant and learned in depth saddle fitting. It is a very important component of riding to prevent injuries and increase comfort and performance whether you are trail riding or showing in the upper levels. A poor fitting saddle can create behavior problems and injuries for the horse. Just imagine walking around in poorly fitted shoes. 


Cami moved to the east coast in 2018 and has since been doing private training and lessons for dressage, jumping, sports performance and massage therapy combining her skills since it all ties together. Her passion and expertise of teaching and training lies in building a solid foundation using the traditional dressage training method for all styles of riding while cultivating connection to create the ultimate partnership with the horse. 

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