Riding lessons will now be offered predominantly in packages, which will be purchased at the beginning of the month (these can be paid through cash, check or PayPal). 

    • Single lesson is $80.00

    • The Bronze package – $180 per month – will include 2 riding lessons per month and access to all 3 educational classes per month. 

    •   The Silver package – $300 per month – will include 4 riding lessons per month and access to all 3 educational classes per month.

  •   The Gold package – $500 per month – will include 8 lessons and access to all 3 educational classes per month. 

Riding lessons will be held at the appointed times, horsemanship classes will be held on Fridays from 7-8:30 PM. 

Anyone outside of the academy, who wishes to participate in a horsemanship class may do so for a $25 dollar fee, per class (if a member of the Johnna Stables community) or for $35 per class, if coming from outside of Johnna Stables. 

Horsemanship Class

An Introduction to Equestrian Disciplines: Friday, TBD in the lounge at Johnna Stables

Think horseback riding is one big equestrian sport? Can’t tell your hunters from your jumpers? Ever wondered about Mounted Shooting or Working Equitation? Come out and learn about a variety of western and English riding disciplines (and even some that blur the line between western and English). We’ll be looking at traditional English disciplines like fox hunting, eventing and dressage. And traditional western disciplines like barrel racing, roping, western pleasure and ranch riding. If you’ve ever wondered what discipline was right for you and your horse or wanted to see what’s out there in the equestrian world, this class is for you! Open to all ages and experience levels. 

An Introduction to Equine Anatomy “Parts of the Horse” will be offered on Friday, TBD at Johnna Stables.

Stephanie Rodman will share essential knowledge about the horse’s body. This is a building block to understanding conformation, movement, and health. Riders and non-riding parents will find this information useful in their communication with equine professionals such as trainers, vets, and farriers. Come enjoy a fun evening with barn friends as we learn about the animals, we all love! 

An Introduction to equipment and tack Friday TBD

Have you ever wondered what the piece of equipment was on that horse?  Overwhelmed by what tack to buy for your horse?  Come join Courtney to learn the basics of English and Western tack.  In this hands-on class, we will discuss different types of tack and how to properly tack your horse, both English and Western.  We will learn how tack impacts your horse, and how to choose the right tack for you and your horse.  We will be working in the barn for a portion of the class, so dress warm and wear appropriate footwear.  Open to all ages and experience levels.

Making Your Groundwork Work for You: Friday, February 10th  from 7-8:30 in the round pen at Johnna Stables

Have you ever wanted to learn how to get a better connection with your horse? Or how to teach skills on the ground before you have to conquer them in the saddle? In this class, Ashley and Safe Haven Equine Warrior’s Mustang, Koda, will showcase a variety of groundwork techniques. Topics will include lunging, ground driving, long lining, liberty work, teaching lateral movements, and obstacle work.  This will be a hands-on seminar, so dress warm and wear appropriate footwear. Open to horsemen of all ages and experience levels. 

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