Trainer Cliff Schadt

Cliff Schadt
Born and raised in the farmland of eastern Long Island Cliffs earliest memories are of horses, “they’ve always been part of my life and at some point the lines between life and horses just seemed to merge”. As a second generation horseman in his family, Cliff has made a lifelong career with horses. He knew as young as 4 years that he wanted to be a cowboy, this passion drove cliff to make the decision to home school his last two years of high school in order to head west and further his education both with horses and ranching. Over the next fifteen years Cliff made his way throughout the west cowboying in Oregon, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, Texas, Missouri and Florida. It was on his journey that Cliff met and worked with many great cowboys and horseman from which he took the many lessons they shared and used them to hone his craft and style of horsemanship. Cliffs approach to horsemanship is based on leadership, empathy, and common sense; his goal with each horse regardless of breed or discipline is for the horse to possess self-carriage, balance, collection and confidence. Cliff believes that by developing the mind as well as the body one can create a willing partnership, this all begins with trust through leadership.

Currently, Cliff Schadt is co-owner of Alamar Equine along with legendary Grand Prix jumper rider Candice King. This unique mix of western principles and tradition coupled with modern showjumping makes for a program capable of taking a young horse from its first ride to attaining success at the top of the showjumping sport. Besides developing young jumpers Cliff has a busy clinic schedule as well as developing and showing Cowhorses. In Cliffs own words he sums up his life long career and passion for horses “I’m truly blessed to be able to wake up every day and make a living doing what I love, for all I do for horses they give back to me ten fold”

Carlisle PA